Last day in Serengeti

It feels a bit sad to leave Wild Camp and Serengeti ... the animals, wildlife and nature here is so special. I really hope they manage to take care of this area. Please support if you can!

I hoped so much that we would see lions on our safari, and we've seen a lot of them. They are so majestic!

I also wished for giraffes - and we were so lucky to se them as well so close.

Amazing animals!

On our third day of safari, we saw our first wildebeast.

And before leaving the Serengeti National Park, we got to see some more lions - so breathtaking!

The old gate ...

.. and the new gate where the guide had to do some paperwork again.

And we could watch the beautiful blue and orange birds again.

Bye, bye Serengeti <3

I hope we will get the chance to come back one day ...

Now we are going to Ngorongoro Crater :)

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