Breathtaking Serengeti

It's nearly hard to believe that we've seen all these animals in so few days. Elephants, birds, different antelopes, cheetas, buffalos, leopards, zebras and also more lions.

Lilac-Breasted Roller.

I still have so many photos I want to show - and so many stories I want to tell ...

It's hard to get through everything.

Elephants "having a bath" ;)

When they are finished, they go back to the flok ...

.. so cute seeing the mother washing her baby ...

.. and the baby elephants playing together :)

The rest of the flok waiting for their turn to bathe ...

So close to the animals ...

A topi.

Some more hippos :)

Do you see the cheetah?

A bit far away ... but our excellent driver, Stewart, saw it from the car - without binoculars ;)

An ostrich.

Beautiful yellow bird, a Yellow Fronted Canary. Thanks to Stewart for helping me getting the right name of it :)

Warthogs eating gras.

So amazing animals ...

Elephant mother with baby :)

Mr. Buffalo ;)

Fascinating getting so close to a leopard.

The hyena followed the leopard.

Our excellent guide and driver, Stewart.

The whole group .. Brian, Jessica, Amalie, Dom, me, Michelle and Stewart :)

I'm so happy we ordered this travel at afrikasafari.no and that they used Zara Tours in Tanzania. They really took care of us, and as I've said some times, our driver and guide, Stewart, was so great! Really recommend to travel with him and this company!

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Iver Valved Korsvik

18.11.2018 kl.21:36

Hei p deg du har kjempefin blogg vil du se p diktene mine ❤️ hjerne flge meg p Min vei 😊 du har verdens fineste blogg eit godt innlegg ❤️ Ha ein fin dag videre😊 vil du flge diktene mine p ferden 🥰

got Caroline

02.12.2018 kl.20:13

Takk skal du ha :) Iver Valved Korsvik:

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