Happy Hippo Day

Hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, monkeys, buffalos, zebras, gazelles and some beautiful birds were some of what we got so see our second day of safari.

Hippos are the animals that kill most human. Not because they hunt people, but because they are territorial. Some places it's a sport to see who's running best of hippos and humans, which is quite dangerous. But mostly it has to do with people coming to get water.

Just notice that on the photo above, all that looks like rocks are hippos - except for the one in front ;)

Today we got sight of a new animal. This is a topi, an animal in the antelope family.

Impalas and zebras - so beautiful!

In a pack of impalas, there are only one male. The females are without horns.

The territorial males might hold territories where they form harem of females.

This beautiful, blue bird is called Lilac Breasted Roller.

When zebras stand like this, they do it to protect each other.

Every singel zebra has a different pattern.

One of the packs of zebras that we passed.

We also saw a pack of mungos. They mostly eat insects and sometimes eggs and birds.

Suddenly we were close to a giraffe ...

.. such an amazing animal ...

I wonder how it got that shape ... why does it have that long neck ..?

So beautiful!

After some driving, there were some lions sleeping in the grass ... Look at the big paws!!!

We also met another buffalo.

And some more impalas ...

.. the male is wathing his harem ;)

A little later, we met some baboons. These are Olive Baboons.

These baboons can live in groups of 15 to 150.

The back part tells if they are male or female.

Looking up, I got this Marabou stork.

And then ... suddenly we were close to this big crocodile. I guess it was 3-4 meters.

It was probably not hungry ...

.. for the storks close by were busy cleaning their feathers ;)

This beautiful little green bird lives in these small holes in the ground. I think this is a Cinnamon-Chested Bee-Eater.

And this is egyption geese. They were considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians.

Another crocodile, but this one was smaller.

The beauty of acacia trees.

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