Majestic elephants and lions

Can you imagine a big elephant walking straight towards you? Stewart asked us to be silent while two elephants got closer and closer to the jeep.

We're still on day one of our safari ...

After leaving the lions, we passed a pond with a hippopotamus quite close to the fire, also an amazing sight ...

I haven't managed to find the name of this bird, but it's beautiful :)

Fascinating with the birds so close to the fire ... I think the bird in the grass is an African Grey Heron.

They were burning large areas.

After some more driving, Stewart got the sight of elephants far away, and drove closer. It turned out to be a huge flock.

And they were walking quite fast ...

Stewart spotted them from behind that rock.

A mighty experience!

A little later we came close to a male lion sleeping in the grass.

It didn't care about the car stopping on the road so close ...

.. unntill Stewart opened and closed the door.

He yawned ...

.. showed his big teeth ...

.. and stared out on the savannah.

Just another yawn.

Thinking of eating?

To much attention ... bye, bye simba! (Simba means lion in swahili)

Some minutes later, we see to elephants walking straight towards us.

One of them is getting real close ...

.. Stewart tells us to be silent ...

One elephant passes behind the car, the other in front of the car ...

We could hear the movement of the grass as they passed us - so great!

It's getting darker and we are close to the Wild Camp when we see some more zebras.

Do you think zebras are white with black stripes? Or black with white stripes? Stewart told us that if you shave a zebra, the whole fur is black ;)

Sunset in Serengeti <3

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