The magic of wild animals

I have always dreamed of seeing lions and elephants in the wild, but I never imagined that I would get to see them so close.

After visiting the Maasai village, we had some lunch before continuing to Serengeti.

While Stewart, our excellent guide and driver, did the paper work at Serengeti gate, we walked up a hill to get a view over parts of Serengeti.

There we saw this cute lizzard ...

.. and this beautiful, blue bird which is called Superb Starling.

In Serengeti National Park we first saw this Thompson's gazelle. We got so excited and took lots of photos, but learned later that we would see plenty of this beautiful animal.

This bird is called Secretary Bird and eats snakes.

Do you see the lions sleeping in the grass? We got so excited of this first sight of lions - we thought this might be the only lions we'd see, but we were so wrong ...

.. but first we got to see "Pumba" (warthog) ;)

And an Ostrich ...

.. before we suddenly saw this lion eating a warthog.

After finishing the meal, the lion left the warthog (the lion has a GPS around it's neck) ...

.. and lay down in the grass for a while ...

.. before walking over to get the rest of the pack so that they also could get something to eat.

A hyena waits to see if he could get some leftovers ...

.. but he understands that he has to wait until the whole pack has eaten.

The rest of the pack is waiting further away ...

The "kids" are patient ...

The grown ups quite relaxed.

According to our guide, it isn't very common to meet lions on the road like this.

Still waiting for the hunter ...

The lions are watching the fire ... it's a controlled one, so that there will be growing new grass where everything was dead.

.It's very special to be so close to a lion ...

There will be more lions and elephants in my next post ;)

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