Visiting a Maasai village

We are all very excited this morning - today is the start of our safari. On our way to the Wild Camp in Serengeti, where we shall stay two nights, we will drive through Ngorongoro and visit a Maasai Village.

We left Highview Hotel at 08.00 AM. Michelle and Dominique didn't get there luggage yesterday, and it was still missing when we left the hotel. They had also missed a flight because of delay, but weren't as lucky as us when it came to the luggage. This trip was to celebrate their 30 years of marriage, so it was a special occasion for them as well.

And so it was for Jessica and Brian also, 'cause they were on honeymoon :)

After some hour drive, we came to the entrance of Ngorongoro National Park. Stewart, our guide and driver, was just to get our tickets, but recommended us to visit the information center while waiting.

Here we could read about some of the animals, birds and plants in the area. It took only some minutes before Stewart was back from the ticket office, but when we drove through the gate, he was stopped by a guard, and had to go inside with the papers again. I'm not sure how long we sat in the car waiting, but it felt like an hour or so ... It turned out to be a typing mistake from Zara Tours - and there are rules to be followed, so the office had to send new papers with correct number of the car.

There was a lot of fog this morning, so I didn't feel to good because of my rheumatism, but everything went away as we stopped to see the view down in the Ngorongoro crater.

Michelle, Amalie, Dominique and some others enjoying the view.

This is what the road looks like.

There were some other groups there too ...

Just some minutes after we continued driving, we saw the first wild animal far away - a zebra!!! We were all so excited, as if this was the only one we would see!

But there were more of them - and they got closer ...

.. and closer. Such beautiful animals! They like being around cattle, because they think they are the same species, we got told.

The excitment got even higher as we spotted a giraffe!

So amazing!

There are ants living inside the "berries" on this bush. That helps the bush stay alive so that other insects doesn't come and eat it - and then again it also protects the ants.

Fascinating landscape.

After some more driving, we got to the Maasai Village that we were to visit (about two hour's drive from the gate). The two groups of people in the village welcomed us by singing and dancing.

When we stopped at the village, we all were in the need of a toilet. I was actually impressed ... In this shed there was a hole in the ground, and the smell wasn't that bad. I've been to a lot worse toilets travelling around ;)


The Maasai warriors dancing towards us.


After welcoming us outside the village, we got inside and the warriors would show us who was the best jumper.


The son of the chief told us about the life of the Maasai people. A man can easily have 10 wives and from 25 to 50 children. Each wife has her own house, and the husband sleeps one night with each. It's the women that build the houses, do the cooking and the cleaning.


Inside the small house there is only light from the open door. There are two beds - one for the parents, and one for small children. At the age of six, the children move to their own house close by.


Here is where they do the cooking. The meals in the village contains milk, blood and meat. Every Friday they kill a goat to eat.


Some of the children are allowed to go to school, others have to look after the cattle and the goats.


We got to visit the school also.


In the middle of the city, was this big, round "table" with lots of  handmade things from the Maasai women. I wanted to support them and by different things, but it was very expensive, so I couldn't afford more than a spoon and fork for salad at the price of 25 $.



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