Tanzania here we come

Amalie and I were excited to go to Tanzania on some days safari in Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara before some relaxing days in Zanzibar. The trip is Amalie's birthday present for her 25 th birthday (last year) and her master degree in physiotherapy (this year).

Mount Kilimanjaro seen from Moshi.

The travel from Bergen to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania was an experience ... The plane from Amsterdam to Nairobi was delayed, so we missed our connection to Kilimanjaro. They booked us on another flight some ours later - via Zanzibar to Kilimanjaro. So - instead of getting to our hotel in Moshi at an hour past midnight, we got there 04.30 AM. And - we were to leave from the hotel 08.30 AM same day ...

On our way to Highview Hotel.

Well - at least it was warm - and we got our luggage. The Springfield Hotel was OK, but we wondered why they took us so far away from the airport, when we were to go back the same way the next day ...

Along the road ...

After two hours sleep and some breakfast, we met our guide and driver, Stewart from Zara Tours in Tanzania, and were ready to leave Moshi. We were to pick up two people (Michelle and Dominique) at the airport in Kilimanjaro, before heading to Highview Hotel in Karatu. At the hotel two more people would join us (Jessica and Brian) - we were to be six in the safari jeep these four days on safari.

Since we hadn't slept much this first night, we had problems keeping our eyes open in the car on our way to Highview Hotel, but I managed to get some photos along the road this day.

I guess this is a bike shop ;)

Bring as much as you can ... :)

Arusha Culture Center - a huge contrast to the other buildings in the area.

Looks like a kind of garden center - nice pots.

There were lots of small places to eat along the road.

Different kind of life ...

.. some shepherds taking their cattle to drink ...

.. and some are out washing clothes.

After some hours drive, Stewart took us to this place to eat lunch. We got lunch boxes from the hotel and sat down in the shade.

This was a large gallery with lots of art made by the Maasai people, other traditional African art and a jewellery shop for the famous, blue Tanzanite stone. But - the prices were much to high for our wallet, so we didn't by anything there. An amazing gallery though.

We arrived at Highview Hotel early evening.

Nice view from the hotel.

There was a pool at the hotel, but we were to exhausted to use it this evening.

We just wanted to get some dinner and go to bed ... so that we could be ready for starting the safari the next day ;)




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