Climbing in Crete

After I had been one week at Triopetra, Odd Magne came to Crete to join me for another week.

We wanted to stay at the south part of the island (Triopetra is also at the south), so we found a small, peaceful place called Rodakino.

We rented a room at Kleanthis, and that was a great place.

Excellent food (we only ate dinner there) and very nice and entertaining hosts.

The first day we climbed in Plakias, close to the beach.

Impressing wall and fun climbing.

Some nice cracks.

We also went to the gorge Agiofarango to climb one day.

It was more than two hours drive from Rodakino, but a very nice place. We should have come earlier thow - when we arrived, there was sun nearly everywhere.

We did a few climbs, and then we rested at the small beach at the end of the gorge.

Next time we need to get there earlier bring more water and food so that we can stay longer ;)

Lots of walls in the gorge ...

.. but the shadow came late in the afternoon.

A little chapel in the gorge.

Some artwork?

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